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Adventures in Acting, Grades 1-5

April 26, 27, 28 & 29 from 6-7PM at MCPA

This dynamic workshop centers upon basic acting techniques such as the use of the body and the voice. We will learn about the actor’s job of giving a character a physicality, a voice, and a personality all while adventuring into the realm of acting through informative games and scene creation. This workshop is well suited for young actors who are just beginning or those that would like to refine their basic acting skills! 

Grades: 1-5

Instructors: Abigail Starcher

Tuition: $50

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Participation of at least 5 students is needed for workshop to take place. The maximum number is 10.

Each participant is expected to attend all dates for the workshop, for the entire duration of each class.

*Tuitions are non-refundable & non-transferable.

*MCPA reserves the right to cancel any class; refunds are made for cancellation.

If this workshop is "Sold Out" please email [email protected] to be added to the waitlist!

To keep your young actor safe and healthy, here are the guidelines we will be following:

  • Contactless Drop-off and Pickup: Parents will stay in the car while MCPA takes care of the rest. Drop-off can be no more than 5 minutes before each rehearsal and pick-up must happen immediately at the end of the class. Only actors and staff will be permitted in the building during the workshop/rehearsals. 

  • Safety Checks: Each actor will be met at the backstage door, asked some quick health questions and have their temperature taken with a no-touch thermometer before being directed to their assigned space.

  • Social Distancing: No more than 10 students and up to two instructors will be permitted in each workshop/rehearsal area at any given time. 6 feet of distance will be maintained between individuals through all activities, rehearsals and breaks.

  • Materials: No materials will be shared. Actors are responsible for bringing their script/score, etc. to each rehearsal. Any prop assigned to an actor will become the responsibility of that actor for the remainder of the rehearsal process. 

  • Masks: Actors and Staff will stay masked at all times. 

  • Sanitation: All spaces will be cleaned and disinfected before and after each rehearsal. Hand-sanitizing stations are available throughout the building.

  • Water: Drinking fountains are not accessible, so actors MUST bring their own water. 

  • Restrooms: To maintain distance, actors will be permitted to use the restroom as needed one at a time.