Dueling Pianos

Dueling Pianos

Dueling Pianos

Event Details

Where is the show located?

MCPA’s Dueling Pianos event is held in the back room of Alexandria’s (The Findlay Room). Enter through Alexandria’s front door, and go straight past the restrooms and that is where The Findlay Room is located.

Do I have to purchase a whole table (seats 10)?

No, however, we recommend attending as a group. Purchasing a table of 10 ensures that you and your friends sit together at a designated round table specifically for your party.

Can I purchase single tickets?

Yes. Single ticket seats are not assigned and are first come, first seated. The single seats are placed along the sides and in the back of the room. Plan to sit next to people you may not know. 

Will I need cash for anything?

Yes. Because this is a fundraiser, all song requests must be accompanied by dollars.

Is there food available during the show?

Limited menu items will be available for purchase in the event space. If you would like food from Alexandria’s main menu you must order it in their regular bar area and wait there for your order to be delivered. Servers are not assigned to The Findlay Room and will not deliver food ordered from the bar to your table.

What kind of beverages are offered within the event?

There is a small selection of beer, wine, liquor and sodas available for purchase in the event space. Buckets of beer and bottles of wine are available as well.  If your beverage of choice is not offered in the event space, you are welcome to order from another bar of Alexandria’s and bring it into Dueling Pianos.

How early can I get into the Dueling Pianos event space?

The back room will open at 6:00pm. Show starts at 7:30pm and will last approximately 3 hours.

Will I be able to go to other parts of Alexandria’s?

Yes. Once you are admitted to Dueling Pianos, you will receive a wristband so you can get in and out of the event with ease.